Radical Nonviolence with Eric Stoner

Photo by Noah Berger

Photo by Noah Berger

Forces of Love

With antifa throwing punches at Nazis and navel gazers on mats far from marches and protests, it can seem difficult to find a way to work for justice that is both active and peaceful, fierce and loving. Nonviolence is a term in the common lexicon of social justice but it is misunderstood almost as much as it is used. Far beyond a passive pacifism, the philosophy of radical nonviolence actually requires an active commitment to "no harm" and is a way of embodying satyagraha, or "love force," a concept championed by Mahatma Gandhi.

In the wake of Charlottesville and continued appearances of neo-Nazis throughout the country, newly awakened activists are wondering how to effectively respond. We are at a critical moment in history when it's important to re-examine the principle of nonviolent resistance lest we play into the violent methods of the oppressor. Nonviolence isn't easy, especially when there are strong forces luring us into reactivity and aggression.

Eric Stoner, co-founding editor at WagingNonviolence.org and adjunct professor at Rutgers University, joins us on The Rising to discuss the nuances of nonviolence and how not only is it an effective tool of resistance but also the force that has fueled social movements all over the world.

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