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Changing our movements from within: Spiritual Direction & Movement Chaplaincy with Perry Dougherty and Ed Cardoza

Spiritual Care for Changemakers

Photo by  Smart  on  Unsplash

Photo by Smart on Unsplash

Social justice work isn't work that you go into just because you need a job or a paycheck. The desire to be part of creating a more just and equitable society is a calling from within as well as a manifestation of the interconnectedness of our world. Because people working on the front lines of justice so often bring their whole selves to the work, self-care and self-reflection are crucial tools for creating changemakers who can lead from a place of integration and embodiment of the values they most want to see in the world.

Movement chaplaincy is transforming our social movements by bringing spiritual care and guidance to activists. Through spiritual direction, an ancient practice of accompaniment that manifests across wisdom traditions, changemakers explore how they relate to themselves, others, and humanity. This, in turn, can help build healthier and more sustainable movements by growing self-awareness, strengthening relationships within organizations, and amplifying the impact those organizations have on the world. The folks at Still Harbor are on the forefront of this emerging field and join The Rising on Episode 15 to discuss the importance of this work that is changing the way we do social justice.


Rev. Perry Dougherty is the Executive Director of Still Harbor, Editor of Anchor magazine, and an Instructor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Perry serves as a facilitator, chaplain, and spiritual director at Still Harbor. She has a background in corporate training and development as well as non-profit development, communications, and management. Perry brings an informed perspective on social justice, pedagogy, and learning, which she studied at Washington University in St. Louis in receiving her B.A. in Social Thought and Analysis with a specialization in the Sociology of Education. Perry is an ordained Interspiritual Minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. She brings her personal and professional interests together through her service by exploring where creative expression and narrative meet spirituality and social justice.

Rev. Edward M. Cardoza, MA.Min. is the co-founder of Still Harbor. Ed serves as a facilitator, chaplain, and spiritual director at Still Harbor. Ed received a Master’s in Arts in Ministry from Saint John’s Seminary School of Theology in 2003. He completed a practicum in spiritual direction at the Center for Religious Development through the Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition to serving with Still Harbor, Ed is also ordained in the Episcopal tradition and is priest-in-charge at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Ed serves on the board of directors for the global health non-profit Partners In Health, where he was the Vice President for Development for 6 years. He also serves on the board of Episcopal City Mission.

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