Surrendering the White Ego with Abraham Lateiner and Margaret Johnson

When We Stop Defending Our Egos, We Liberate Energy for Real Change

In a deepening of our topic from last week, we get into the nitty gritty of anti-racism as spiritual practice this week. With our guests Abraham and Margaret, we examine what happens when we let go of the goal of being "good white people," humbly acknowledge the our complicity in racist and white supremacist cultures, and settle in for the long haul work of enacting paradigm change within ourselves, our communities, and our culture. 

photo by  Ben White

photo by Ben White

Margaret Johnson is an activist, a healer, and a spiritual seeker. She cut her teeth working for social change in the Catholic worker movement, and is inspired by the work of the Ayni Institute and the Momentum organizing community in developing frameworks for strategic organizing while upholding relational culture. Margaret is a licensed massage therapist and a Kundalini yoga teacher, and has participated in several activist movements and organizing communities.

Abraham Lateiner works to create spaces for people with dominant power to experience the freedom of surrender. He has found that when such people experience the “power-with” that comes with aligning with movements led by people at the margins of society, they can learn how to support those movements in sustained, sustainable, and sustaining ways. That, he believes, would be a true freedom. He is part of the core team of Freedom Beyond, a decentralized network of small circles of people seeking freedom from white supremacy.

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The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler

Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein

Ethnoautobiography by Jurgen Werner Kremer and Robert Jackson-Paton


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Living in the Tension: The Quest for a Spiritualized Racial Justice by Shelly Tochluk


Anti Racism as Spiritual Practice With Jardana Peacock


Anti Racism is Ancestral Healing

Race and whiteness may be social constructs created centuries and generations long ago, but we have all been shaped by them in many ways, seen and unseen. Battling racism is not just a matter of thinking the right thoughts or believing the right ideas. To truly dismantle white supremacy, white people must be willing to look at the ways whiteness has shaped our sense of self-worth and identity. This is not just a political undertaking, but a spiritual one. It demands we go to the deep places of our own discomfort within ourselves and our ancestral lineage to begin to truly heal and transform the injustice of racism. 

Jardana Peacock is a spiritual teacher, writer, yoga teacher, and organizer in Louisville, KY. She is the director of Liberation School, a healing and spirituality school for changemakers that is the first of its kind located in the southern US, and the author of the “Practice Showing Up Guidebook,” an anthology for white people working for racial justice.

Jardana brings an incredible presence of humility and depth to this conversation and we get to talk to her about the ways in which she and others are working to bring healing, compassion, and care to organizing and activist work as well as learning how we can go deeper into our own anti-racist work.

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Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown 

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