Anti Racism as Spiritual Practice With Jardana Peacock


Anti Racism is Ancestral Healing

Race and whiteness may be social constructs created centuries and generations long ago, but we have all been shaped by them in many ways, seen and unseen. Battling racism is not just a matter of thinking the right thoughts or believing the right ideas. To truly dismantle white supremacy, white people must be willing to look at the ways whiteness has shaped our sense of self-worth and identity. This is not just a political undertaking, but a spiritual one. It demands we go to the deep places of our own discomfort within ourselves and our ancestral lineage to begin to truly heal and transform the injustice of racism. 

Jardana Peacock is a spiritual teacher, writer, yoga teacher, and organizer in Louisville, KY. She is the director of Liberation School, a healing and spirituality school for changemakers that is the first of its kind located in the southern US, and the author of the “Practice Showing Up Guidebook,” an anthology for white people working for racial justice.

Jardana brings an incredible presence of humility and depth to this conversation and we get to talk to her about the ways in which she and others are working to bring healing, compassion, and care to organizing and activist work as well as learning how we can go deeper into our own anti-racist work.

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Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown 

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Season of the Witch with Amanda Garcia Yates

Magic is Decolonization of the Mind

Photo by  Yeshi Kangrang  

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang 

Witchcraft, astrology, tarot...magical pursuits have exploded in popularity over the last several years. Just in time for Halloween, we talk to activist witch Amanda Yates Garcia, also known as The Oracle of Los Angeles, to learn more about what it means to practice magic and how we can bring it into our work for justice. This is a deeply inspiring conversation about the power of imagination, dismantling systems of hierarchy with models of shared leadership, the hard work that is needed to make our dreams reality, the importance of being connected to the earth, embodiment and pleasure, and much more.

Amanda is a witch on a mission to re-enchant the world through the power of art and magic. She was raised in a magical family whose forebears include the famed psychic Edgar Cayce, and learned to cast spells and read tarot from a young age. Her work draws on the Western Hermetic Mystery traditions, embodied energy work such as Reiki and Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanic Healing Practices, and more. Amanda also has an MFA in Writing/Critical Theory and Film/Video from the California Institute for the Arts.

Amanda has organized public rituals to exorcise capitalism, devour patriarchy, and bind Trump, runs a monthly mystery school called Magical Praxis, and hosts a radio show called The Oracle Hour. She recently made a splash after being interviewed by Tucker Carlson of FOX news about her participation in the Binding Trump movement. In the interview, Amanda provides a grounded, practical explanation of magic and ritual, and a clear-eyed, heart-centered intention to use her powers to create a better world that cuts through the cynicism and fear of the interviewer. You can learn more about her work at, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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Amanda's interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News

Bind Trump/Magic Resistance

Astrologer Demetra George  

Astrologer Chani Nicholas

Ancestral Healing with Kimi Kawabori and Alissa Fleet

We Can't Heal The Present Without Healing the Ghosts of Our Past

Photo by  Scott Rodgerson

The ancient Celts believed that this time of the year was one of " a thin veil between the worlds"- that is, our world and the unseen world of spirits. As we approach Halloween, we will be delving into some of the deeper spiritual currents behind the traditions that have influenced this holiday.

In this episode, Chelsea and Rebekah go full-on woo to talk to two women who are working to heal their own ancestral lineages through psychic, spiritual, and psychological modalities. How does the trauma experienced by our ancestors continue to affect us today? And how do we deal with the fact that our ancestors may have perpetrated the very injustices we are fighting today?

Kimi Kawabori has been able to see energies and spirits from a young age. As a descendant from Taiji, the whaling village featured in "The Cove," and daughter of parents imprisoned in the WWII Japanese Internment camps, she has a unique perspective on healing ancestral lines. With over 400 hours studying energy work, she love moving energy so people can live clear and empowered lives. You can learn more about her and work with her at

Alissa Fleet has been training in consciousness studies since 2001, including meditation, Buddhist psychology, engaged spirituality, family systems constellations, and shamanic healing. Her focus is how becoming conscious brings transformation for ourselves and our world.

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The Cove, 2009 documentary

Evan Pritchard, Native American historian

The Spell of the Sensuous, by David Abram