I Love Dick

Desire and "I Love Dick" with Deb Helt

Our Desire is Revolutionary


If a progressive movement for justice is going to win in this country, we’re going to have to be willing to engage people’s deepest and most powerful emotions. Desire is one of those emotions that is often misunderstood, feared, and repressed but incredibly powerful when harnessed in a productive way. What does it looks like to get in touch with  our deepest and truest desires in our personal lives?

Our guest Deb Helt is a therapist and modern-day renaissance woman based in Los Angeles. She joins us to discuss the Amazon Prime series I Love Dick and its themes of desire and creativity as we explore how tapping into our unconscious desires can feed our movements.

In This Episode

I Love Dick (TV series), created by Jill Soloway

I Love Dick (novel), by Chris Krause

The Book of Joan (novel), by Lidia Yuknavitch

Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch in Bitch