Sacred Fire: The Dark Feminine with Vera de Chalambert

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Most of the world's major religious traditions have been developed in and shaped by patriarchy. They emphasize masculine deities and male (often celibate) leadership. While efforts to reclaim the feminine aspects of divinity and spirituality have been underway for several decades now, in the past few years there has been an explosion of fierce feminine leadership in political, cultural, and spiritual arenas. Vera de Chalambert's essay "Kali Takes America" went viral in 2016 after the election of Donald Trump. Her exploration of the dark goddess Kali who destroys the world in order to save it anticipated the wave of female anger and activism that has arisen in the wake of the #metoo revelations. We sit down with Vera to talk more about the feminine divine, her darker side, and why all of us need this sacred feminine fire now more than ever. Vera starts off the interview with a powerful soliloquy that blew us away, and we're so excited to share her wisdom with you.

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Vera de Chalambert, MTS, is a spiritual storyteller and Harvard educated scholar of comparative religion working at the feet of the Great Mother. She offers healing process work and spiritual direction via Skype, writes and teaches classes on mindfulness in the modern world and the divine feminine. She gives talks and presentations around the world and was a speaker at SAND Science and Nonduality Conference in the US and Europe and Sister Giant in Washington DC. Vera holds a Bachelor’s degree in religion and literature and a Master's degree in comparative religion from Harvard Divinity School. Her healing work is informed by rich insights from both Eastern and Western philosophies. She is a graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a student of Jason Shulman's Nondual Healing work. You can find her online at

In This Episode

Mother Wisdom Speaks

by Christine Lore Weber

Some of you I will hollow out.
I will make you a cave.
I will carve you so deep the stars will shine in your darkness.
You will be a bowl.
You will be the cup in the rock collecting rain.
I will hollow you with knives.
I will not do this to make you clean.
I will not do this to make you pure
You are clean already.
You are pure already.
I will do this because the world needs the hollowness of you.
I will do this for the space that you will be.
I will do this because you must be large.
A passage.
People will find their way through you.
A bowl.
People will eat from you.
And their hunger will not weaken them to death.
A cup to catch the sacred rain.
My daughter, do not cry.
Do not be afraid.
Nothing you need will be lost.
I am shaping you.
I am making you ready.
Light will flow in your hollowing.
You will be filled with light.
Your bones will shine.
The round open center of you will be radiant.
I will call you brilliant one.
I will call you daughter who is wide.
I will call you transformed.