Healing Justice with Kate Werning

Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter

Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter


These are urgent times. Overwhelm and burnout are not only common, but practically the norm for changemakers everywhere. 

How do we create social movements that are sustainable? How can we heal ourselves as we heal the world? A dramatic shift is taking place within the individuals and organizations that propel our social movements as activists discover that outer transformation is not separate from inner transformation. The blocks to our personal physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing often reflect the very systems of oppression that deny the wellbeing of the collective; transformation is necessary from the micro to the macro levels. When we begin to listen to our bodies and pay attention to our inner lives, true healing can begin.

We talk with Kate Werning, organizer and yoga teacher, about the path of healing justice, a realm that goes beyond self-care into radically embodied leadership and foments the creation of movements that are integrated, sustainable, and adaptable.

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